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14th Jun 2022

It costs an average motorist an extra €750 to fill a petrol car compared to last year

Stephen Porzio

The cost of fuel is continuing to spiral.

New figures from AA Ireland show that it currently costs the average motorist €750 more than last year to fill their petrol car for the year.

This is as the average diesel driver is now spending an extra €640 per year to fill their tank compared to 2021.

The statistics from the AA come as petrol prices have increased by 11.5% in the last two weeks, rising from an average of €1.91 per litre to €2.13.

This average is 41% more expensive than last year and 66% more expensive than two years ago.

Meanwhile, diesel is currently 45% more costly than last year, jumping from €1.41 per litre to €2.05 per litre.

While €2.13 is the average cost of petrol per litre, some forecourts in Dublin are charging more than €2.20, according to

In a poll of over 4,200 motorists conducted by the AA in early June, 80% said they are affected by rising fuel prices in Ireland.

27% of respondents said they spend more than €100 a month filling their petrol vehicle, with 34% spending the same on their diesel vehicle.

According to the AA, the survey exposes “how high fuel costs are affecting people’s daily lives”.

This is as 42% of respondents stated that what they spend on their weekly food shop has been impacted by spiralling fuel prices.

Meanwhile, 49% said the costs have forced them to cut out fun or pleasurable activities with their families.

“We are reaching very worrying levels in terms of fuel costs and the survey shows that these fuel costs are affecting other areas of family life, such as food shopping and family activities,” said AA Ireland spokesperson Anna Cullen.

“Where people can, they should use public transport, walk and cycle, but this isn’t always possible in rural areas, where public transport options can be limited.”

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