Cow escapes field, heads to resort and gets stuck on water slide 1 year ago

Cow escapes field, heads to resort and gets stuck on water slide

The cow has since been granted a stay of execution.

A cow destined for the slaughterhouse decided to take control of its own fate and embark on a trip to a waterpark where it soon became lodged in a waterslide – much to the amusement of onlookers and YouTube viewers.


As reported in Travel + Leisure , the cow in Brazil managed to escape its cattle ranch home – which was located around 500 miles west of Rio de Janeiro - and eventually make its way to the nearby Nova Granada resort.

After check-in and a swift drink by the pool – What? Even cows take holidays! – the rogue farm animal somehow managed to find and climb the stairs of a nearby waterslide before ever-so-carefully making its way back down to the pool below.

Well, sort of.

In fact, the confused cow tentatively hoofed its way down the slide before discovering that it was well and truly stuck.


As is the case with most people that publicly embarrass themselves these days, there was someone with a smartphone nearby who was all too ready to record the situation.

Watch what happened below:

Clip via Diário da Região - São José do Rio Preto

According to reports, the slide itself was sturdy enough to support "450 pounds" – unfortunately, this beefy customer clocked in at more than 700 – so really, it's down to sheer luck that the cow didn't crack the plastic and plummet to the resort floor below.


Still, spotting a cow atop of a popular aquatic tourist attraction isn't exactly something you see every day - which has made this cool customer a bit of an Internet celebrity.

The comical situation even helped convince the owner of the ranch that the cow escaped from to not usher it to the slaughterhouse and instead keep it as a farmyard pet.

The owner has since named the cow Tobogã - which is Portuguese for "slide".