Danish supermarket gets a shipment of cocaine instead of bananas 8 years ago

Danish supermarket gets a shipment of cocaine instead of bananas

It looks like the Danish police have some extra work to do after a supermarket got a delivery of cocaine instead of bananas

Colombia is known for many things, bananas being one, cocaine being another, but it's not often that the two get mixed up. However, it seems that this happened this week after someone stuffed up a delivery to Aarhus in Western Denmark.


It was no small amount either according to AP, as supermarket workers opened up their banana delivery to find 100 kilos of the powder inside.

The lads were left with a load of gear that was worth at least fyffe times what they'd paid for it, and unsurprisingly, the police got involved, although they have yet to make any arrests. It was rumoured that the culprit who'd packed the container had split, but this is yet to be confirmed.

There will certainly be trouble in Colombia too as they look for the cause of the problem (the supermarket said they'd already contacted their supplier) but we reckon these dealers should Chi-quit-a while they're ahead.

We were going to go with the 'Cocaine in Aarhus shocker', but we thought that might be a bit much.

We wouldn't like to be a fly on the wall when a drug cartel boss has a s**tload of bananas turn up instead of his product. Someone is getting clipped.