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19th Oct 2018

A number of DCU students protest the potential deportation of a student outside the Department of Justice

Rudi Kinsella

DCU students

Shepherd Machaya is facing deportation on Sunday.

As it stands, DCU student Shepherd Machaya is facing deportation this Sunday.

Shepard left Zimbabwe due to political unrest in his country. He explained his situation in a video posted on DCU’s Student Union’s Facebook page.

Watch it here below:

“This is the only other place that I know,” Shepard said in an extremely emotional video.

On Friday afternoon, a number of DCU students demonstrated outside the Department of Justice & Equality calling upon Minister Charles Flanagan to revoke Shepherd’s deportation order.

DCUSU president Vito Moloney Burke read the open letter penned by the DCU sabbatical team to the minister to a crowd of over 100 supporters of the campaign lined on the steps of the department building.

“Shepherd Machaya’s deportation order is completely inconceivable to us.

“Not just because he is a model citizen, who has contributed so much to our communities through the sheer commitment to his studies and bettering himself to contribute to society, but also because of the undeniable danger he will be placed under should he return to Zimbabwe.

“We urge Minister Flanagan to prevent him from being forcibly returned to a place where he was tortured and his best friend was murdered.”

DCU are claiming that his status as refuge should still be valid as his life is in danger should he be forced to return.