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Donald Trump ‘sentenced to death’ by North Korea over Kim Jong-un insult
This is going to rumble on and on...

The war of words has just been escalated.

An editorial in a state-run North Korean newspaper has described Donald Trump as ‘just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people’.

The editorial, which was published in the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, comes after Trump labelled Kim Jong-un “short and fat” in response to being labelled a “dotard”, a term long associated with an elderly or senile person, by the North Korean foreign ministry in a statement over the weekend.

Trump responded to the statement with a tweet posted from Vietnam during an 11-day trip to Asia, which read: “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me “old,” when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!”

As well as his comments about the North Korean leader, the editorial also took issue with Trump’s comments during a speech in South Korea last week, when he criticised North Korea’s “cruel dictatorship”.

“The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership,” the editorial in Rodong Sinmun read.

“He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people.”


Trump has not yet addressed the editorial specifically on social media, but he did have this to say about his trip last week.

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