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Dramatic footage shows North Korean solider escaping into South Korea
He was shot and crawled to safety across the border.

He was shot six times...

Footage has been released showing a North Korean defector crossing the border between North Korea and South Korea on November 13.

The soldier drove up to the border within the Joint Security Area (JSA) and then sprinted to the other side when his vehicle got stuck in the soft ground. The JSA is the only place in the 250km-long Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) where soldiers from North Korea and South Korea face each other.

The man is almost caught before he is rescued by South Korean soldiers when he makes it past the border.

South Korean officials announced on Tuesday, November 21, that the former Korean People’s Army soldier had regained consciousness after having been shot six times by North Korean border guards as he escaped via the JSA in Panmunjom.

The United Nations Command responsible for policing the DMZ accused North Korea of violating the armistice agreement when a soldier crossed the military demarcation line in pursuit of the defector.

Credit: United Nations Command via Storyful


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