Drinkaware issue warning against using off-the-shelf breathalysers 1 year ago

Drinkaware issue warning against using off-the-shelf breathalysers

Don't hold your breath.

Drinkaware is warning drivers against relying on personal, off-the-shelf breathalysers.

The organisation, which offers "independent alcohol advice," has noted that store-bought breathalysers don't employ the same safety technology as those used by An Garda Síochána.

The not-for-profit body has reported a "sharp increase" in queries from the public about personal breathalysers, which can be found in several shops across Ireland.

CEO of Drinkaware, Sheena Horgan, said: "While a personal breathalyser can be useful for information purposes, the results should not be taken as a clear indication that you are under the limit. There is still a potential chance that you will be over the limit if stopped at an official Gardaí checkpoint." She referred to the sale of personal breathalysers as "a relative new and unregulated space."

The Road Safety Authority has also called into question the validity of results achieved by personal breathalysers.

Following new laws introduced at the end of 2018, the minimum penalty for drink driving is now a three-month driving ban.

Gardaí have increased the number of roadside checks, and 1,000 arrests for drink driving over the Christmas period.