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02nd Aug 2018

Driver who gave Gardaí a ‘choice hand gesture’ during a speed check later found and fined

Kate Demolder

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Guess they didn’t think of the cameras, eh?

Amidst carrying out speed checks in the south-west of the country, a group of Gardaí noticed that one car, driving faster than it should have been, was a little more enthusiastic than the rest.

Upon coming up to a speeding van, most cars would noticeably slow down and try to go unnoticed. But not this driver, no way.

Gardaí noticed that the motorist in question was actually giving what they have since called a ‘choice hand gesture’ in the direction of the officers before speeding off happily. However, it didn’t all go to plan.

Members of the team took to Twitter to share their experience, claiming that cameras in the location in question were the cause of the driver’s demise – leading to a pretty hefty fine.

“We were able to ID the car and return the favour thanks to the tunnels camera system,” the tweet read.

“€80 FCPN issued.”

Gardaí are currently carrying out a number of speed checks in the run up to Project Edward, which aims to reduce the number of people killed on our roads.

The first Project Edward – organised by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network – took place on 21 September 2016, and ran again on 21 September 2017.

On both days, 43 road deaths were recorded across Europe, compared with a daily average of 70.

This year Project Edward will take place on Wednesday 19 September. Last year, authorities witnessed zero fatalities in Ireland on the day and are hoping to keep it that way.

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