Dublin Bus will no longer refund change when passengers overpay 1 year ago

Dublin Bus will no longer refund change when passengers overpay

Kiss those refund receipts goodbye.

From 9 September, receipts that allow punters to cash in their overpaid fares will no longer exist, meaning that exact change will be entirely necessary unless you want to be out of pocket.

The leftover change will from then on, according to Dublin Bus, "go towards making our buses even better for you", while also funding the Community Spirit Awards.

The new system has been introduced to the public via a series of signs located at bus stops and station, which say “Nobody likes change. Are we right?”

With the refunds set to be scrapped, Dublin Bus has advised passengers to from now on use the "cheaper and easier" option of a Leap Card and to redeem refund slips already in your possession have at the head office on O’Connell Street.

A lot of people are blaming Tony McGregor for the change, following the publication of a viral video which sees him complain about change given at a Dublin DART stop.

"They had the bloody cheek to give me back coinage. €17.30 and a miserable little one-way ticket. They gave me all that coinage.

"I have no room to put those coins anywhere," he lamented.

"I wear a slim-fit, hand-fitted Hugo Boss suit."

A spokesperson for Dublin Bus said of the new move: "From 9 September, Dublin Bus customers will no longer be issued a ‘refund due’ receipt if they overpay for their journey with cash. Instead, they will be issued with a non-redeemable ‘extra payment’ receipt.

"We encourage our customers to purchase a Leap Card which is at least 20% cheaper than paying for their journey using cash and is more convenient to use. 70% of our customers already use Leap Card to pay for their journey.

"If a customer overpays for their journey with cash after 9 September, the extra change will go towards continuing to improve our services and to local communities across the Greater Dublin Area through the Community Spirit Awards.

"Customers who have a “refund due” receipt can still reclaim their change at any time."