Plans for off-road cycle route in one of Dublin's busiest areas take "important" step forward 6 months ago

Plans for off-road cycle route in one of Dublin's busiest areas take "important" step forward

"This will form a new sense of entry to the City when travelling from the north and from the Dublin Port Tunnel."

Plans to develop a new Dublin Port cycle route have taken an "important" step forward, with the appointment of Grafton Architects to design the Liffey-Tolka Project now confirmed.


The Liffey-Tolka Project will create a new public realm along a 1.4 km dedicated cycle and pedestrian route linking the River Liffey with the Tolka Estuary, through Dublin Port lands on the east side of East Wall Road and along Bond Road.

The new linear space ranges from 12 metres to nine metres wide and will be an extension of the campshires - stretches of land - on North Wall Quay.

Next April, Dublin Port will apply to the city council for official permission for the cycle route.

The new route will include a dedicated bridge for cyclists and pedestrians to safely cross over the busy Promenade Road, the key artery that links Dublin Port to the Dublin Port Tunnel and one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the country.

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Commenting on Grafton Architects’ appointment, Eamonn O’Reilly, Chief Executive of Dublin Port Company said: "Dublin Port is not going anywhere, and we are committed to developing nationally important port infrastructure in accordance with the principles of proper planning and sustainable development.

"This requires us not only to cater for the needs of cargo and commerce; we must also create real gain for the citizens of Dublin.


"Within two years, we will have completed a dedicated cycle network throughout Dublin Port and along most of the Port’s perimeter.

"Doing this in a small but extremely busy port requires great design and we are delighted to be working with Grafton Architects as we take on a unique challenge to integrate Dublin Port with Dublin City."