DUP will support Theresa May in tomorrow's vote of no confidence 3 years ago

DUP will support Theresa May in tomorrow's vote of no confidence

Theresa May's fate will be decided tomorrow.

Prime Minister Theresa May will now face a vote of no confidence on Wednesday (16 January), after one was tabled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tonight.


The motion followed a disastrous defeat for May as her withdrawal agreement failed by 202 votes to 432.

If May loses tomorrow's vote, she will be forced to resign from her post in a consequence that would likely lead to a general election as Britain prepares for its Brexit deadline of 29 March.

In order to survive, May needs the support of her entire party as well as the 10 DUP MPs who currently prop up her minority government.

The DUP, which has been vicious in its criticism of Theresa May's withdrawal agreement, has tempered its message tonight, following said agreement's disastrous defeat.


Speaking to the BBC, DUP MP Sammy Wilson has said his party will support Theresa May in tomorrow's vote — which is set to take place at 7pm. Wilson said "We never wanted a change in government, only a change in policy."

Wilson also called on the EU to make further concessions to the UK in order to facilitate a deal. The EU has steadfastly maintained the position that it was not prepared to reopen negotiations on the deal.


Hardline Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson have also pledged that they will support May tomorrow, indicating that she is likely to survive tomorrow's vote.