El Chapo's family is launching a clothing line with his name on it 3 years ago

El Chapo's family is launching a clothing line with his name on it

Official El Chapo baseball caps coming soon.

Notorious Mexican drug baron Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán is currently awaiting sentencing later this year and is expected to receive a lifelong prison term without possibility of parole.


The Guardian reports that during his trial in Manhattan earlier this year, El Chapo signed a deal for a designer brand which will feature his name and signature.

Sports wear, casuals, baseball caps and denim jackets are all reported to be in production.

Guzmán was under orders only to communicate with lawyers for matters relating to his trial but was given special permission to sign a civil contracting relating to his intellectual property.

The limited liability company is registered as El Chapo Guzmán: JGL LLC, and is lead by his wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro.


“I’m very excited to start this project, which was based on ideas and concepts that my husband and I had years ago,” Emma Coronel Aispuro said in a statement to CNN. “It is a project dedicated to our daughters.”

According to attorney Mariel Colón Miró, who was a regular fixture during his trial, the first items will be launched this summer.

Colón added that Mrs El Chapo will be strongly involved with the design of the products.

“She really enjoys fashion and designing,” said Colón, “She’s certainly going to be overseeing a lot of the designs.”


El Chapo himself will not earn any profits himself from the venture, confirmed Michael Lambert, another family lawyer.

“He wanted to be able to set something up – a legitimate enterprise – for the benefit of his wife and his two daughters. He loves his wife and he loves his daughters, and he wants to prepare for the future," said Lambert.

El Chapo was first captured and imprisoned in Mexico 1993, but bribed his way out. He was recaptured in 2013, but escaped again in 2014 through a tunnel under his cell. He was captured a third time in 2016 and extradited to the US, where he was found guilty on 17 counts of crimes relating to him running the Sinaloa Cartel.