The end of this unseasonably warm October is in sight 2 years ago

The end of this unseasonably warm October is in sight

Met Éireann have confirmed the day that we will finally need to break out the heavy jumpers.

Having you been enjoying this lovely October so far?


It has been all lovely sunshine and a little bit of wind to take the golden leaves from the trees, and it has all just been very picturesque and pretty and nice.

Well, that is all over now. Winter is pretty much here.

By pretty much, we mean we've got a few more days of it, but then come this Friday, the temperature will drop significantly, and from the forecast, will remain low over the weekend. And by low, we mean even lower than the usual low for October in Ireland. Which means jumpers and the likes.

Here's the official forecast for the rest of the week:

MONDAY - A mostly sunny but rather chilly start will give way to a somewhat cloudier afternoon, especially in more northern and western areas. Top temperatures of 11 to 14 degrees with the best of the afternoon sunshine in the south and east. The night will be cool and mainly dry with a mix of clear spells and cloudy periods. Lowest temperatures 2 to 5 C., with some grass frost in places. Breezy, especially over northern areas; fresh westerly winds will be strong in coastal areas there. Winds elsewhere moderate to fresh westerly.

TUESDAY - Breezy in northern areas with some showers in places. But mainly dry elsewhere, with bright or short sunny spells developing. Top temperatures 12 to 14 C. Mild overnight, with lows of 6 to 9 C.

WEDNESDAY - It will be mainly dry with a mix of bright or short sunny spells and occasional cloudy periods. Top temperatures of 11 to 13 C. Cool overnight with lows of 4 to 7 C.


THURSDAY - Cloudy and breezy over Ulster and much of Connacht, with scattered patches of drizzle and mist. Fresh westerly winds also. But largely dry elsewhere. Top temperatures of 11 or 12 C. Windy overnight with a spell of rain set to move down across the country from the north. Winds fresh to strong northwesterly and gusty in places. Cold by the end of the night with lows of 3 or 4 C.

FRIDAY AND THE WEEKEND - Much cooler than of late with temperatures below normal. Windy at first, with occasional rain or hail showers. Cold at night, with some frost.