So far so good at Dublin Airport on Friday morning 3 weeks ago

So far so good at Dublin Airport on Friday morning

Queues for security are taking 20 minutes, according to daa.

As we move towards the bank holiday weekend, Dublin Airport Authority has issued a promising update ahead of one of the busiest weekends at the airport so far this year.


Queues for security on Friday morning are moving swiftly according to daa, with queues - at the time of writing - ranging from 15 minutes for Terminal 1 and 20 minutes for Terminal 2.

Daa said passengers are heeding the new travel advice and while there were some small queues early this morning, there are currently no queues.

Speaking to RTÉ on Friday morning, Kevin Cullinane, the daa's Group Head of Communicatons, said: "By six o’clock this morning queue times under 10 minutes were being experienced by early morning travellers in both Terminal one and two.

"Today is the start of a very busy bank holiday weekend of air travel with up to 50,000 passengers a day departing from Dublin Airport."


As it stands, passengers at Dublin Airport are being advised to arrive up to 2.5 hours before short-haul flights to Europe and the UK and up to 3.5 hours before long-haul flights.

In line with this, the DAA says that, during times when terminals become busy, it will be triaging access to them.

This means the airport will only be allowing passengers that have flights leaving within 2.5 hours to short-haul destinations and 3.5 hours for long-haul destinations into the departures level.

Meanwhile, passengers who arrive at Dublin Airport too early for their flights could be asked to wait in a holding area, with the trialling of this system to take place over the June Bank Holiday weekend.