Over 65s in France without booster will lose Covid pass 1 year ago

Over 65s in France without booster will lose Covid pass

400,000 eligible people in France are yet to receive the booster.

Over 65s in France will find their Covid passes invalid if they do not receive the booster.


The move comes as 400,000 people are yet to receive the booster in the country,  or 12% of over 80s and 10% of the 65-79 cohort.

Passes to show full vaccination are obligatory to enter restaurants, cultural venues and to travel between cities via train.

The ruling is set to come into action next month, 15 January.

Those without the booster will have to present a valid negative test no older than 24 hours to avail of these services.


Cases in the country have skyrocketed, with 63,405 confirmed yesterday, with a 7 day average of 49,506 confirmed cases.

2,800 people are currently in intensive care.

8.36 million cases have been confirmed in France since the beginning of the pandemic, along with over 120,000 deaths.

77.6% of the population has received at least one dose, and 71.3% have received two shots or are fully vaccinated from a single shot vaccine.


Walk-in booster vaccination centres in Ireland have been in huge demand over the past few weeks, with hundreds being turned away from Croke Park who had arrived to receive a dose.

Former Minister for Health, Simon Harris has called for the escalation of the booster campaign in the country.

"Yes, we should boost the booster campaign, and everything that can be possibly done to achieve that will be done," he said.

"We're on target to have 1.5 million people receive their booster by Christmas, and this week we'll see an updated roadmap on boosters published by the Department of Health.


"At the moment, the booster campaign is open to everyone over 50. We'd love to be more ambitious in that regard obviously, because it is a race between the Omicron variant and the booster.

"While we're learning an awful lot about this new variant, it does seem incredibly encouraging the news about the benefits of that third dose in relation to this variant."