A proposal on late night takeaways in Galway city could change their nightlife forever 6 years ago

A proposal on late night takeaways in Galway city could change their nightlife forever

If people have nowhere to go, they'll just go home.

The Connacht Tribune are reporting a potential huge change in the City of the Tribes.


Galway is renowned for being a fantastic city to go out in and in terms of where you want to go, you will be spoilt for choice.

Whether you want to ramble down to Taaffes for a pint of the black stuff, head to the Róisín Dubh for a silent disco or go to a nightclub to dance the night away, one thing is for certain, you're probably going to head to the chipper afterwards.

They have reported that a local councillor, Cllr Peter Keane, has stated that Galway is beginning to "examine all available options to reduce the number of assaults in the city."

One of the proposals that the Galway councillor is looking at is the option of establishing an earlier closing time for takeaways in the city


Takeaways in the town of the Tribe would close at 11.30pm, meaning that the only grub you would be able to get after that time is a nice old toasted sandwich in your own home.

The Connacht Tribune details interesting crime statistics that indicate assaults are on the rise in the city - leading to the local politician's proposal.

Speaking to the paper, Cllr Keane said that the time was right to try and adopt a new approach to tackling the increasing assault problem.

“I appreciate that we are a student city with 27,000 students and that brings with it its own challenges."


Cllr Keane thought that Galway could benefit from following in the footsteps of Edinburgh who close their takeaway doors at 11.30pm also.

“All the takeaways in Edinburgh close at 11.30pm which means they are closed before the pubs and clubs close.

“That means when people come out of the pub, they have nowhere to go, so they go home,” he said.