Gardaí issue warning about romance scams after married woman gave €48,000 to fraudster 1 year ago

Gardaí issue warning about romance scams after married woman gave €48,000 to fraudster

Thats... a lot.

Gardaí have urged people to be aware of romance scams after an Irish woman parted with €48,000 to a phoney lover.

Victims of such scams believe they've met a partner online but in reality, the person is using a fake account to build a relationship before asking the victim to part with their money in the form of cash or in expensive gifts.

One Irish woman was showered with expensive gifts, including scarves and perfumes, before the online partner asked her to invest in his business.

Over the next 13 months, she gave the person €48,000 and then delayed in reporting it to the Gardaí because she was married.

Detective Inspector Catharina Gunne from the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau said romance fraudsters try to get money using one of the following methods:

  • To cover the cost of travelling to see the victim
  • For emergency medical expenses for the scammer or a family member — typically a child
  • A business opportunity which would allow them to live together comfortably

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Gunne also stated romance scammers will do the following:

  • Try to move communications away from dating websites. They suggest that you move to instant messaging, text or phone calls instead.
  • Ask a lot of personal questions.
  • Avoid answering personal questions about themselves
  • Try to establish a bond quickly.
  • Ask for financial help
  • Never meet you in person

If you believe that you are a victim of a romance scam, or think your identity or personal information has been compromised, you're encouraged to contact any Garda Station and report the crime.

An Garda Síochána will treat all reports in confidence.