Google removes multiple apps for stealing users Facebook passwords 2 years ago

Google removes multiple apps for stealing users Facebook passwords

The apps had over 5.8 million downloads.

Google has removed multiple apps for stealing the Facebook passwords of users as nine apps have been taken down from the Play Store so far.


According to Ars Technica, the apps were removed after Dr. Web analysts discovered they were stealing Facebook login details. The apps had a combined 5.8 million downloads and included popular applications such as "Rubbish Cleaner" and "Horoscope Daily".

The apps allegedly used a fake Facebook sign in page using JavaScript from a command and control server to "hijack" the log in details, also stealing cookies from the authorization session.

Facebook was the target in each case, but the creators could just have easily steered users toward other internet services.

Of the five variations of malware, all of them used the same JavaScript code to steal the credentials from users.

As the developers used a phising tool to load the fake Facebook JavaScript page after loading the real site, it is likely they would also be able to use the malware to gain login information from users for a number of other webisites tool.

Google also told Ars Technica that it banned all the app developers from the store.