Government announces increase in funding for Pieta House 6 months ago

Government announces increase in funding for Pieta House

The charity has struggled due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has announced it will give mental health charity Pieta House an extra €114,608 a month to help the charity plug its funding gap.


Minister of State with special responsibility for mental health Jim Daly confirmed the increase on Monday evening and said it is to be provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

The HSE and Pieta House have formally agreed to additional funding of €114,608 per month, equivalent to €343,824 per quarter once the current government staffing cost schemes have stopped.

Daly said this is in addition to the continuation of the existing HSE funding of €2.03m per year.

“This pandemic is an extremely stressful time for some people, with many feeling suicidal," Daly said.

"I am pleased that the HSE has reached an agreement with Pieta House that will see the HSE provide cash flow support of €114,608 per month for an additional 300 counselling hours to these high risk clients.

"I understand that this will commence when the government schemes have ceased and will be reviewed after each quarter”.

Last month, Pieta House postponed its annual Darkness Into Light fundraising event which meant it lost out on €6 million in fundraising.


It recently had to let a number of staff go and cut pay by up to 30% due a significant funding gap.

Following a Late Late Show episode dedicated to highlighting the work of Pieta House earlier this month, viewers of the show raised €2 million in funding for the charity while their Sunrise Appeal brought the total raised to €4 million.