Owner of Dublin business denies claiming his hemp product can cure autism 5 years ago

Owner of Dublin business denies claiming his hemp product can cure autism

The manager of the shop denies any wrongdoing.

Current affairs podcast, Here's How, has issued its first part of a major investigation into businesses selling unlicensed substances that they claim will treat or cure serious conditions.


The first part of the investigation focuses on the Dublin-based Hemp Company, and alleges that the business claims it sells cannabis oil that can help to cure autism.

The podcast, which came out early Tuesday morning, claims it has a recording of the manager of the popular Dublin shop stating that children should start taking the oil as young as two-years-old to treat autism.

The manager of the shop denies he has made false claims about the effectiveness of the product.

William Campbell is at the helm of the podcast entitled, 'Here's How 62 - Cannabis Oil or Snake Oil?' and he said, “the company is selling the product at an exorbitant price, up to €165 for a tiny 30ml bottle, that works out at €5,500 per litre.


"The oil itself is probably harmless, but if parents use it instead of proper medicine for their kids, the results could be serious."

He added: “But this shop is also exploiting vulnerable people, lying about the benefits of their products, giving them false hope and profiteering on the desperation of families that have children with serious medical conditions.

“They also advise their customers to visit quack websites that claim to offer medical advice on how to administer the oil to children for medical effect.

"Cleverly, they don’t make this claim in writing, but they tell parents that it treats autism when they call."


The claim about the cannabis oil treating autism is not in writing and the company does have a hemp oil disclaimer on their website page.

Speaking to JOE on Tuesday afternoon the manager in question, Mark McDonald, denied any wrongdoing.

McDonald stated that he was "recorded twice without permission" and that bits of the interview had been "copied and pasted" to suit the tone of the podcast.

McDonald, who runs the shop alongside his father Jim, also said that he would be talking to his solicitor about the matter and was looking to press charges.