Here's Ireland's new coronavirus infographic dashboard 8 months ago

Here's Ireland's new coronavirus infographic dashboard

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The Department of Health has released a new interactive dashboard that allows users to track the spread of the coronavirus across the whole country in real-time.


The tracker will have information updated regularly, while also detailing the total number of cases across the country, as well as the locations of where the cases are being confirmed.

It also shows the percentage known mode of transmission for the confirmed cases thus far, as well as how Ireland compares to other countries across the world with regards to the spread of Covid-19.

You can check out the dashboard here.

Monday night saw the team at geographic information systems provider Síor Consulting assemble a specific dashboard for the country, but the more recent dashboard comes officially from the Department of Health.

This comes after last month, a team of researchers at John Hopkins University in Baltimore came up with the first major dashboard that showed the real-time information coming in around the world.

The most recent information from the Department of Health found that 204 new cases of coronavirus confirmed have been in Ireland, and that a seventh patient has died as a result of the virus.


A male in the east of the country with an underlying health issue is the seventh person to have died from Covid-19 in Ireland.