Here's how the weather is shaping up for the week ahead 6 months ago

Here's how the weather is shaping up for the week ahead

After Storm Callum, here's what's in store.

Another storm has passed and while cabin fever didn't quite grip the nation, here's hoping that the next few days see an improvement in the weather conditions. On that note, here's what the people at Met Éireann are predicting.

Monday morning will see early fog clearing quickly as dry and bright conditions become prevalent throughout the day. Good sunshine and light breezes are also expected for the majority of the afternoon.

Monday evening will see an increase in cloud cover moving in from the west overnight. Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will develop in western coastal areas around dawn.

Tuesday is set to be cloudy and windy with scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle, occasionally persistent. There will be highs of 14 to 17 degrees in fresh southwest winds.

These conditions will continue into Wednesday - when we're set to see a few showers - but it will be mainly dry and bright for the day. It will be clear and cold overnight with lows of 1 to 3 degrees and a fairly widespread grass frost.

The mercury will rise on Thursday, which is shaping up to be dry with good sunshine. Highs of 11 or 12 degrees.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Friday will see some showers or light rain in the west but most places will be dry.

The same can be said for Saturday and Sunday, as most counties will experience dry conditions with temperatures set to reach high of 15 to 18 degrees on Saturday, 14 to 16 degrees on Sunday.

We'll take it.