Holidays to Ibiza could be about to change for the worse if you like staying out late 3 years ago

Holidays to Ibiza could be about to change for the worse if you like staying out late

If you and your mates are thinking about Ibiza, keep an eye out.

Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for people that are looking to blow off some steam but new laws are being proposed that could impact Ibiza's bars and clubs.


The local council has proposed new regulations that will see bars closing at 11pm and clubs at 3am. At present, some clubs in Ibiza can stay open until 5- 6am, depending on the venue.

Local police have also backed this new policy.

As reported by The Express, the closing hours of bars and nightclubs on the island might be about to change due to noise pollution. They've reported that under the new license "the open-air terraces in bars would have to be cleared by 11 pm rather than 2 am and clubs would have to stop at 3 am in a bid to crackdown on noise."

Ibiza's Mayor, Josep Tur, feels that the image of the island has been"devalued" by the antics of certain tourists and he's looking to improve the image of the area.

If you plan on heading to the party island then you'll be pleased to know that local businesses are pushing back on these proposed changes because they feel that these new measures are "too drastic" and that they'll have a negative impact on the island's tourism sector.

Spokesman for the Popular Party, José Sala told Diario de Ibiza: "Something must be done in the West End but it is not the best thing to force clubs to close at three in the morning in these eight streets, remove the terraces at eleven at night and completely soundproof them. These measures pose insurmountable obstacles for many. They are too drastic and hasty. "There is also a risk of hitting British tourism. We have to realise we live off tourism."