The areas with the highest temperatures in Ireland today have been revealed 4 years ago

The areas with the highest temperatures in Ireland today have been revealed

29 degrees, we never thought we'd see the day.

It's day five of heatwave watch here in Ireland, and the sunburn has spread to places we never thought possible.


Ireland has been gifted a cracking week of weather for the second time this summer, and we've all but lost our heads with the high temperatures.

It seems the west has been benefitting most from the recent surge in temperatures, as yesterday's highest temperature location, Oak Park in Carlow, was beaten by Shannon, County Clare today.

The Clare town hit an almost unbelievable 29 degrees on Tuesday, according to BBC weather presenter Barra Best.


Other roasting locations included spots in Galway, Donegal, Fermanagh and Westmeath, which all hit 27 degrees before 4pm on Tuesday.

Previously, Shannon Airport had recorded the hottest temperatures of the year last month, with the mercury having reached 26.3 degrees on 29 May.

However, the warm weather does bring with it some problems of its own.


People have been warned about possible fires starting from reflective items left on their window sills and urged to remain hydrated and put on sun cream during the heatwave.

One last thing that people are being asked to be aware of are fly infestations.

A list of tips to avoid them has been issued by Rentokil in an attempt to aid those suffering at the hands of flies, including ensuring that kitchen doors are closed at all times and keeping all bins covered day and night.