HSE charging hospital staff in Kerry for water, even if they have their own tea bags 9 years ago

HSE charging hospital staff in Kerry for water, even if they have their own tea bags

The poor lads can't even get a cup of tae during a hard day's graft

Few things are more sacred to the Irish worker than that first cup of tea in the morning when they get to their desk. The other thing that's almost as sacred is the 10am cup of tea, the brew had at 10.30, the cuppa at 11.15, the aul shcauld at 11.40, the pre-lunchtime pot of tae at 12, the cupán over lunch, a Rosy Lee to wash down the sandwich afterwards, the cup of Tibetan titillation at 2pm, a muffit of tea to beat the 3pm slump, and the subsequent seven cups of tea had between then and heading home in the evening. Plus one for the road.


What we're trying to say is that we like our tea, but for the staff of one hospital in Kerry, they've had to cut down on their intake after the HSE started charging staff 50c for boiling water, even if they bring their own teabags and coffee in to work.

According to The Examiner, it seems that the Executive are defending the decision on the basis that they wanted to stop people who were trying to avoid paying for tea and coffee. Now, as you all well know, JOE is a quite a cynic, but is it just us or is that the basis for our entire economic system. Money is exchanged for goods and services, with the minimum amount of avoision of payment occurring at all times.

Anyway, this isn't good PR for the bosses at the hospital, but it seems that's not the only thing they have to worry about, as it turns out that some of the senior executives have been paid over and above their salaries with a little bonus of €40,000. Possibly so that they can afford to make tea, we're not sure.

JOE is worried that thrifty employers out there might see this story and think that it's a great idea, so just don't tell your boss about this.