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PICS: Hurricane Irma has made landfall in Florida as 6.5 million people are evacuated
"Everything is under water. I mean everything."

"Everything is under water. I mean everything."

Hurricane Irma made landfall on mainland USA at 9.10am on Sunday morning (2.10pm GMT) near Cudjoe Key in Florida.

Already over six and a half million residents in the state have been ordered to leave their homes, as 25 people have already been confirmed dead in the Caribbean as a result of the hurricane.

Currently, the path of the hurricane is proving difficult to predict, as it may veer towards St. Petersburg, Miami or Tampa, three hugely populated areas in the state of Florida.

Fears rise that the hurricane will bring with it vastly increased water levels, which may result in large portions of Florida being entirely underwater, including Miama, the Florida Keys and the Everglades.

Meanwhile, local reporters and civilians have taken to Twitter to document the first arrival of the hurricane.




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