People arriving into Ireland will need negative Covid test before arrival 1 month ago

People arriving into Ireland will need negative Covid test before arrival

Several new rules are expected from Government today.

People arriving into Ireland will need to take an antigen or PCR test in advance, according to new measures agreed by Cabinet.


An official announcement from Government outlining new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 in Ireland amidst the presence of the new Omicron variant is expected later on Tuesday.

Ahead of that, RTÉ News reports that anyone travelling to Ireland must have undergone a professional antigen test taken a maximum of 48 hours prior or have taken a PCR test up to 72 hours beforehand.

A negative test result will be required.

While the details have yet to be confirmed, it is expected at this time there will be no exception made for arrivals from the Common Travel Area (CTA).

This measure will come into effect from Friday, 3 December.

It is anticipated that the majority of the forthcoming new restrictions will centre around travel and children.

Ministers have been clear that a nationwide lockdown is not on the cards and further harsh restrictions are unlikely to be imposed.


However, several new rules are likely to be put in place.

Parents are set to be advised against Christmas plays, play dates, birthday parties and other gatherings for young children, in what has been described as a type of "circuit-breaker".

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said he endorses NPHET’s advice to reduce socialisation among children.

It’s expected the Cabinet will agree to a circuit-breaker for children as Covid cases continue to remain high among five to 11-year-olds. Minister Donnelly said there has been no discussion to close schools.

"NPHET has provided advice – is Government going to endorse that advice? I can tell you as Minister for Health, I do, but Cabinet, as is right and proper, will take a view tomorrow," he said on Today with Claire Byrne on Monday.


Asked if a parent is organising a birthday party for their child should they cancel it, Donnelly said:

"Yeah, yeah, absolutely. But remember, for a short period of time – just two or three weeks – and, critically, for the really important reason of keeping children safe.

"Every parent will want to do the right thing to keep their kids safe, that would be the advice."

A final decision regarding young children wearing masks in school will also be outlined.


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