Ireland's first nightclub trial event cancelled as Jam Park closes Swords location for good 11 months ago

Ireland's first nightclub trial event cancelled as Jam Park closes Swords location for good

The news comes just a week before the venue was due to reopen.

Ireland’s first nightclub trial event at Jam Park has been cancelled after it was announced the nightclub will close the doors of its Swords location for good this month


The Airside located project will be shutting down after being unable to come to a lease agreement since the Covid pandemic forced them to temporarily close.

"From the very start of Jam Park we had a saying: ‘play the long game’. Like any project we’ve done, we knew it would take us at least 2-3 years to make this set of notions work, but the truth is we barely got out of our own half," a statement said on Thursday.

"When we opened in summer 2019, games, live music shows, club nights, Eatyard food vendors, markets, talks, film screenings, bingo, big screen and sound sports, fitness classes, and even a rooftop farm were all part of the Jam Park gameplan.

"However we only had a chance to be open for 9 months before Covid hit. It’s ironic that during the time of closure is when we began to find our feet with the place."


The news of the closure comes just one week before they were set to reopen for outdoor dining, which they describe as a "bitter pill to swallow".

Jam Park added that all dates at the venue should be considered "null and void", most likely ruling out the trial nightclub event which was scheduled to take place at the venue in July.

"To everyone who has booked in with us this summer, we are very sorry to say we will have to cancel. We will be sending out cancellation notices shortly, but nonetheless thank you for having booked with us, maybe we’ll see you somewhere else in the future," the statement continued.

"A huge thanks go to the whole District 8 crew, you are absolute legends and Dublin needs you. No doubt you’ll press on and continue the amazing clubbing machine you have created.


"To everyone who had penciled dates for live music shows, record fairs, markets, bingo and games events, exhibitions, talks, etc, unfortunately, consider all dates null and void at Jam Park."

It is unclear if the event will be relocated. JOE has reached out to Jam Park for confirmation about the cancellation of the nightclub event in July.