Irish man takes home top prize in world photography competition 2 years ago

Irish man takes home top prize in world photography competition

He won for his image capturing waves crashing against the west coast of Ireland.

Irish man Felix Sproll has been named World Landscape Photographer of the year for his image "Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland".


Sproll, an outdoor photographer who grew up in Mayo, was chosen as the overall winner - beating out more than 1,400 people who entered the competition.

Shot on a Nikon D750, the winning image captures waves crashing into the west coast of Ireland.

Describing the image, Sproll said: "As I explored the coast, I eventually came across this scene. The waves showed their true size with the cliffs for scale, some even bouncing off the cliffs and coming back to hit the next wave sending it even higher into the air.

"The cold was forgotten as I shot the scene for the next hour."


Founder of the competition Nigel Danson said of Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland: "This image is one that I dream of taking. It has power, depth and conveys tons of emotion.

"The details in the waves are amazing and every time I look at it I see something new."

As part of his prize for coming in first place, Sproll will receive a Nikon Z7ii camera with a 24-70mm F4 Lens, which is worth around €4,000.

In a statement, Sproll said that winning the award was "unbelievable" and that it "doesn't feel real even after a few days."


You can check out Sproll's work on his website, as well as his Instagram.

Image via Felix Sproll Photography