Irish rugby fans give the world a glimpse of South Dublin culture in hilarious video 1 week ago

Irish rugby fans give the world a glimpse of South Dublin culture in hilarious video


2019 brought us the Blackrock lads 'absolutely sending it' for the Ko Samui Cup and Irish rugby fan Breffni Allen anticipating 'absolute carnage' in Japan.


The 2023 World Cup is still only warming up, but we already have some new 'goys' out there spreading the Irish rugby message. Harry Jones from Australian outlet 'Roar' caught up with six lads in Nantes before Ireland's win over Tonga and asked them to describe what made Andy Farrell's side so good. The responses were something else.

Irish rugby fans rave about Andy Farrell's side

Harry Jones chatted with the six Ireland fans, as they sipped on some pre-match beers. He asked them what they would compare Irish rugby to.


The opening replies - baguette and croissant - were tame enough. Fan No.4 then stepped up and was on a heater from the start.

"I would compare them to Dublin Zoo. You've got your different layers. You've got your gazelles on the wing - your Hansens and Lowes. Then you've got your lions in midfield -  your Ringrose, your Bundee Aki. Your tigers at 10, Johnny Sexton, of course!"

The lads were only getting warmed up, and on the zoomed through animals to compare the Irish players to. No.5 even threw in a Britney Spears shout-out.

The video itself has 1.5 million views, and counting, with some loving the analogies and one skeptic declaring, 'I need to stress, this is not what 98% of Irish people are like.'


Here is a reminder of those past Irish rugby fans and their viral moments of glory:

'Absolutely sending it' in Ko Samui


'Absolute carnage' in Japan

God bless 'em all.



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