Roz Purcell might want to delete this old tweet about Donald Trump... 4 years ago

Roz Purcell might want to delete this old tweet about Donald Trump...

Back when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nominee for President, very few pundits saw him beating out seasoned operatives like Jeb Bush.

Yet here we stand, more than a year later, and Donald Trump is vying with Hillary Clinton for the most powerful office in politics.


What explains his rise? Nobody is quite sure. It could have something to do with his business credentials, others say he's capitalised on huge anti-immigrant sentiment with hardline exclusionist policies, but we think it's far, far simpler:

Donald Trump once had endorsement of Irish model, chef and charity worker Rozanna Purcell. When someone tweeted Purcell in 2010 their belief that Trump should be President, Purcell was all for it, responding "YES!!! I hope he does!"

Purcell, who placed in the top 10 of Miss Universe in 2010, knows Trump through their shared involvement in beauty pageants. Of course, Trump's behaviour at these beauty pageants has been called into question as of late - and he is accused of calling one winner 'Miss Piggy' and 'Miss Housekeeping' due to her Latina background.

It's important to note that Purcell pulled her 'endorsement' of Trump in 2015, saying that while he was always nice to her "I think that a lot of the things he’s running his election on, I’d be really against so I hope he won’t."