WATCH: Angry protestors chase UK Labour leader Keir Starmer into police car 11 months ago

WATCH: Angry protestors chase UK Labour leader Keir Starmer into police car

Starmer was mobbed in London on Monday evening.

UK Labour leader Keir Starmer was rescued from angry demonstrators by police on Monday evening, after swarms of protestors surrounded him in central London.


Footage captured during the incident shows Starmer being led into a police car next to the Houses of Parliament.

Protestors could be heard chanting "Don't take the vaccine" and "Jimmy Savile" at Starmer; the latter of which in reference to a recent allegation made by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Starmer was approaching the UK Parliament when he was confronted by the mob.

After passing by New Scotland Yard headquarters, police attempted to intervene as dozens of protestors surrounded the Labour politician.

The angry pack could be could be heard shouting "Traitor" and "You should be hung [sic]", before Starmer was pulled away by police.

Labour MP Chris Bryant said the footage was “appalling”, adding:


“People were shouting all sorts at Keir, including 'Jimmy Savile'.

“This is what happens when a Prime Minister descends into the gutter and recycles lies from hard-right conspiracy theorists.

“Political poison has an effect. Johnson has no moral compass," Bryant concluded.


Tory MP and former chief whip Julian Smith also described the attack as "appalling", condemning the "false Savile slurs" made against Starmer.


Last week, during a session of Prime Minister's Questions, Boris Johnson accused Starmer of having failed to prosecute Jimmy Saville during his time as head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Johnson refused to apologise, a move that led No 10’s head of policy Munira Mirza to quit over the “scurrilous accusation”.

Referencing Monday's chaotic scenes, aa spokesperson for the Met Police said:

“Shortly after 17.10hrs on Monday, 7 February, a man who had been surrounded by a group of protesters near to New Scotland Yard, was taken away from the scene by a police car.

“A man and a woman were arrested at the scene for assault of an emergency worker after a traffic cone was thrown at a police officer.

“They have been taken into custody.”