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10th Jul 2023

New RTÉ Director General confirms Ryan Tubridy still being paid, but doesn’t know how much

Simon Kelly

Kevin Bakhurst Tubridy pay

“I have to get back to you on the detail.”

New Director General of RTÉ Kevin Bakhurst faced the media this afternoon to discuss the ongoing scandal circling around the national broadcaster.

One of the questions posed to Bakhurst was about whether Ryan Tubridy is currently still being paid by RTÉ despite him being taken off the air for the foreseeable future.

“I can’t tell you that as I don’t think it’s been agreed frankly, at the moment,” said the 57-year-old.

“There’s still an ongoing discussion with his agent about the exact amount so I can’t tell you the exact amount. But he is getting paid, yes.”

Mr. Bakhurst also confirmed throughout the questioning that he has not been in contact with Tubridy’s agent, Noel Kelly, who will join the former Late Late Show host in front of the Oireachtas committee on Tuesday.

Pressed again for the exact figures, the Director General replied: “I have to get back to you on the detail of what is being paid and how. Because I genuinely don’t know the detail of where that is, because that is being dealt with by the legal team.”

In another line of question, one reporter asked why Tubridy would not be going back on air but Martin Morrissey did.

“The difference between those two is that there was no licence payers’ money lost in the case.”

Morrissey came forward as the RTÉ employee who had borrowed a car from Renault for five years, before returning it just last week.

Images via Rolling News.

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