Lifeboats sent to P&O ferry with "mechanical issue" in Irish sea 1 year ago

Lifeboats sent to P&O ferry with "mechanical issue" in Irish sea

The passenger ferry got into difficulty off the Antrim coast.

Three lifeboats were launched after a P&O ferry developed a "mechanical issue" in the Irish Sea.


The European Causeway became adrift five miles off the coast of Larne in Antrim, according to tracking website Marine Traffic.

It left Cairnryan in Scotland at around midday on Tuesday and was due to arrive at Larne Harbour at 2pm the same day, the BBC reports.

Marine Traffic showed that its automatic identification system (AIS) status was set to "Not Under Command".

This is a status for when a vessel "through some exceptional circumstance is unable to manoeuvre as required by these rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel".


In a statement to JOE, the RNLI said three lifeboats were requested to launch to assist the passenger ferry in difficulty.

"Larne RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat launched at 2.17pm while Red Bay RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat launched at 2.35pm followed by the inshore lifeboat at 3pm," a spokesperson said.

After confirming the "mechanical" issue, a P&O spokesperson told JOE that the European Causeway was now continuing on its scheduled journey to the Port of Larne under its own propulsion.

They stated that local tugs were on standby and that once the ferry arrives at the port, it would discharge its passengers and cargo as planned.


"There are no reported injuries onboard and all the relevant authorities have been informed," the spokesperson said.

"Once in dock, a full independent investigation will be undertaken.”

The ferry is since reported to have docked at the port.