Luas to extend further into North Dublin as part of new plans 1 year ago

Luas to extend further into North Dublin as part of new plans

It looks like "FingLuas" is going to happen, but it will take a while.

It has been announced that work is currently underway to extend the Luas line further into North Dublin, a project which is being referred to as "FingLuas" by TD Noel Rock.


Design work for the extended Luas line has now officially started according to the Fine Gael TD.

Rock, who has represented the Dublin North-West constituency since the 2016 general election, took to Twitter to announce that the route will be officially confirmed next year.

We also must credit him for the "FingLuas" name, which isn't a bad play on words at all...

He said: "This week I received confirmation that a Transport Infrastructure Ireland team have already begun planning and design work on the project and this work will continue until next year when an emerging preferred route will be identified.

"This route will be subject to public consultation and it is vital that the voices of the community are heard and taken into account.


"I successfully lobbied to have this project included in Project Ireland 2040 and I have always been clear that it must be up and running as soon as possible."

Explaining the plans, Rock distanced it from previously proposed Luas routes, which hoped to extend Luas lines to both Lucan and Bray.

"It’s an extension of circa 2-4km of an existing line, like the various extensions of red line to citywest and point depot. Very straightforward relative to a brand new line. Mostly green fields or wide roads. Apples and oranges to compare them."