Major Scientology office to open in Ireland this October 5 years ago

Major Scientology office to open in Ireland this October

There's been a lot of fuss in the past month over whether or not Louis Theroux's latest documentary, entitled My Scientology Movie, will get an Ireland release.

While it's unlikely that blasphemy laws will prevent the movie making it to Irish cinemas, Altitude Film Distribution have made it clear that there are no plans to show the documentary in Ireland.


However, the city of Dublin could soon be getting a much closer, real-life look at the controversial organisation - which has plans to open up a National Affairs office in Merrion Square next month.

Scientology's Executive Director for Dublin Ger Collins posted on Facebook, saying "There will be 5 Sea Org members posted and living in the office, and 5 full time but non SO OSA Office of Special Affairs staff."

"It will also be a PR base to host VIPs and government officials. The building itself has huge potential, and when it will be fully renovated it will be amazing, and something we will all be very very proud of!"

Sea Org refers to a branch of Scientology which comprises the organisations most dedicated members.

Dublin is already home to a Dianetics and Scientology Centre, which is on Abbey Street Middle.