The mastermind behind Ryanair's transformation tells JOE what it's like having Michael O'Leary as a boss 3 years ago

The mastermind behind Ryanair's transformation tells JOE what it's like having Michael O'Leary as a boss

The Capital B is back this week with a show that will make you want to quit your job and be your own boss...

Heading up our business show this week is the man who masterminded the change in Ryanair's public image. From hated airline to less hated airline, Kenny Jacobs talks to our presenter Nick Webb about the transformation, having Michael O' Leary as a boss and the one thing he uses to keep on track of his goals every day.

Also on the don't make friends with salad?  Brian Lee, founder of Chopped, is definitely making money with salad, a cage-fighting entrepreneur he talks about importing containers of mobile phone covers to make a sweet killing in secondary school before starting up his own business while working behind a deli.

Brian's MMA trainer and new business partner, Chris Fields, weighs in on the strong link between being successful in business and fitness... humble on the mat, a tiger in the business, as no one ever said they say.

No one wants to listen to experts anymore. If you are Britain and you don't listen, you wind up scared and alone, if you are a saucy butter company, listening to experts might actually be the worse decision, Elaine Lavery of Improper Butter, talks about ignoring the consultants and rebranding her business to make it stand out on the shelves.

On The Capital B panel this week is video game coder and millionaire programmer, Bobby Healy of cartrawler, who is sceptical about everything and Jennie McGinn, OPSH co-founder, who is refusing to take any prisoners.

Check out the podcast below:

2.28; Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair interview
14.05; What is Michael O'Leary like as a boss?
18.40; The panel discuss Ryanair's transformation and building trust in a brand
24.50; Improper butter talk about standing out on the shelves on the AIB Business brainstorm
38.25; MMA fighters Chris Fields and Brian Lee on the death of the chicken fillet role
53.40; The panel goes deep into the nitty gritty of world salad domination