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27th May 2022

Members of Irish Guards unit arrested for dealing cocaine days before Platinum Jubilee parade

Steve Hopkins

The soldiers were also arrested for being part of an alleged loan sharking operation

Soldiers from the Queen’s bodyguard have reportedly been arrested on suspicion of selling cocaine and running a loan shark operation, just days before they were due to lead the Platinum Jubilee parade in London next week.

Six members of the Irish Guards, a regiment of the British Army often referred to as ‘The Fighting Micks’, were held on suspicion of dealing the Class A drug after being busted in dawn raids in Hampshire, Berkshire, North Wales and Northern Ireland on Wednesday, The Sun reported.

The newspaper said the group was alleged to have also been lending money at extortionate rates, collecting debts, and laundering cash.

A former sergeant from the Coldstream Guards was also apprehended.

The troops, whose Colonel-in-Chief is Prince ­William, had been due to lead the Trooping the ­Colour in front of the Queen on Thursday.

Five of the seven suspects were released on bail. The other two were held by Red Cap Royal Military Police who led the investigation, the newspaper said.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence said: “As part of a planned operation, the Royal Military Police arrested six Irish Guards soldiers and a Coldstream Guardsman veteran on suspicion of conspiracy to supply drugs and money lending and laundering offences.

“As this is now the subject of an independent Royal Military Police investigation, it is inappropriate to comment further.”

The Sun further reported that at least one of the arrested Irish Guards had met the Duchess of Cambridge at a St Patrick’s Day parade.

The elite Irish Guards are the lead regiment for the Platinum Jubilee Trooping the Colour. They led a Trooping the Colour parade last Saturday and were due to lead identical parades this week.

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