Met Éireann says weather to become "extremely disturbed" this weekend 5 months ago

Met Éireann says weather to become "extremely disturbed" this weekend

Well. That doesn't sound good at all.

We've had some nasty weather in Ireland since the beginning of the new year.

Some not so bad weather and some pretty damn grim weather. But Met Éireann referring to conditions this weekend as "extremely disturbed" is as worrying as we've seen in a while.

Wednesday and Thursday will be relatively decent (compared to what's to come), with conditions expected to be cloudy and cold for the most part, with the occasional sunny spell.

But as the week goes on, it looks likely that it will get worse and worse...

Met Éireann has said that "upper jet streams" are expected to move in over Ireland and the UK bringing extremely windy conditions, that will possibly be stormy at times.

Saturday will see heavy rain and strong winds that will move eastwards, and there is a risk of very strong squally winds in places for a time in the afternoon.

Sunday isn't much better, with "very strong and squally southwest winds" expected, as well as heavy rain on Sunday morning, potentially stormy in exposed places.

And don't shoot the messenger, but that stormy weather is expected to continue into next week as well.

"Extremely disturbed" indeed.