Michael O'Leary blasts "stupid" Dublin Airport overnight flight limit 3 months ago

Michael O'Leary blasts "stupid" Dublin Airport overnight flight limit

Michael O'Leary said that Ryanair was facing "mass cancellations" due to the new changes.

New rules are set to come into effect at Dublin Airport next month, which will see the number of flights that can take off and land at the airport capped.


The enforcement which was handed down this week by Fingal County Council, aims to reduce noise pollution for local residents by limiting flights between 11pm and 7am to just 65.

Should these new rules come into effect, Irish airline Ryanair have stated that it faces "mass cancelations" across a host of destinations.

These conditions were previously agreed to a number of years ago when planning permission for the airport's new north runway was granted.

However, the Fingal County Council now say that the DAA is in breach of this agreement, as the busy summer schedule sees an exponential increase in the number of late arrivals and departures.


Earlier this week, it was also revealed that Dublin Airport saw its busiest day on record during July, with 3.4 million passengers passing through the two terminals over the course of the month.

Michael O'Leary Michael O'Leary has called for Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to resign should these changes be implemented at Dublin Airport. (Credit: Getty Images)

Michael O'Leary slams proposed changes:


Speaking to RTE News on Friday, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary voiced his strong objections to Fingal County Council's enforcement order.

Mr. O'Leary stated that he wishes to see the limit on flights between 11pm and 7am reduced by two hours to 12am to 6am, allowing for early morning flights to continue unaffected by the changes.

The Ryanair CEO went on to label the order "stupid" and "idiotic", before remarking that a "tiny number of neighbours" cannot be allowed to dictate the rules of the nation's largest airport.

Fighting back on the issue of noise pollution, Mr. O'Leary claimed that Ryanair and Aer Lingus both had fleets including a large number of new planes, which are 50% quieter.


The airline CEO added that the DAA's decision to build a second runway for €300 million was "bizarre" if they opt to reduce the number of flights- "only in Ireland would you get this sort of absurdity," he quipped.

Calling on Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan to have the Fingal County Council's order withdrawn, Mr. O'Leary said that the Minister should resign if he fails to intervene in the matter.

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