Irish MEPs vote against condemnation of Russian war escalation 1 year ago

Irish MEPs vote against condemnation of Russian war escalation

Wallace and Daly previously voted against condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Two Irish MEPs have voted against a European Parliament motion to condemn Russia for its recent escalation in the invasion of Ukraine.


Mick Wallace and Clare Daly voted against the resolution, which came in response to Russia's recent annexation of several regions in Ukraine.

Daly responded to criticism of the vote with "Here we go again".


In her explanation of the vote, Daly said that the resolution called for more weapons into the conflict zone.

"I condemn the illegal aggression of Russia, but I disagree with a one-sided narrative that excuses the Western role in what is now happening.

"I urge a ceasefire, negotiations and genuine EU efforts to secure a peace.

"I oppose the policy of collective punishment, sanctions that also hurt European citizens, the flooding of Ukraine with weapons, and other actions that escalate the war and run the risk of igniting a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.


"I find much to agree with in this resolution. But unfortunately, this text also contains elements I cannot vote for.

"Demands for pumping even more weapons into Ukraine, demands for neutral states to abandon their neutrality, unrealistic conditions for ending the conflict, the continuation and entrenchment of a sanctions policy that isn't helping anyone, and the presence of ominous threats and bellicose rhetoric which only inflames tensions and make peace less likely.

"That is why I cannot vote in favour of this resolution."

Daly and Wallace had their parliament offices in Strasbourg vandalised following a vote on condemning Russia in March.


"There is no military solution for what is now happening," Daly and Wallace wrote in a statement on the first day of the invasion.

"We oppose any military response just as unequivocally as we oppose Russia's actions.

"Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine, immediately cease all military operations and resume diplomatic engagement.

"All parties must work to restore the Minsk process, as the only path to a peaceful resolution of conflict."