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07th Dec 2021

These are the most generous counties in Ireland, according to GoFundMe

Dave Hanratty

Most generous counties Ireland 2021

Give a little, get a lot.

Ireland has been named the most generous country in the world for the third year running, proof positive that we love to dip into the pocket for a good cause.

Online fundraising platform GoFundMe has officially confirmed the accolade, in tandem with the release of its annual Giving Report.

According to the organisation, Ireland boasts the highest number of donations per capita with over 800,000 individual instances of giving recorded throughout 2021.

Globally, one donation was made every second in order to help people in need across the world.

After Ireland, the most generous countries per GoFundMe’s report are the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Punching above our weight as ever, as you can see.

Drilling down into the home front reveals the most generous counties.

Drum roll, please…

5. Waterford

4. Cork

3. Limerick

2. Dublin

1. Galway

So, there you have it. West is indeed best when it comes to compassion and putting your money where your mouth is.

“We saw again in 2021 that people want to help each other, as communities around the world turned to GoFundMe as the easiest, safest and most effective place to take action and make an impact,” said GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan.

“This year, we saw an overwhelming display of gratitude on the platform.

“More than 15 million thank you messages were sent to the GoFundMe community, reiterating that these donations are so much more than a transaction, they are profoundly important acts of support and hope.”

Among the campaigns that received the most donations in Ireland in 2021 year include:

The Mark Dalton Recovery Fund which raised over €318,000 to help the secondary school student and Waterford Minor Hurler on his rehabilitation journey after a devastating car crash at the end of last year.

The Help us provide a home for Shelly and her girls campaign, raising over €280,000 to help Shelly and her family build their home after her husband was tragically killed in a workplace accident.

The young family had been living in a mobile home on the site they intended to build on while they saved when the tragic accident occurred.

The Johnny Hasset campaign, started by The Breeze-up Consignors Association earlier this year to help pay for Johnny’s cancer treatment and has raised €277,180.

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