NASA responds to young Adam from The Late Late Toy Show 6 months ago

NASA responds to young Adam from The Late Late Toy Show

Amazing stuff.

Adam King stole the hearts of a nation when he appeared on this year's Late Late Toy Show, and now two days later, he is still the topic of conversation.


The six-year-old from Cork told Ryan Tubridy about his love for all things intergalactic on Friday night, all while blessing the audience with a "virtual hug" every now and again.

But his love of outer space has made waves all around the world, with NASA now responding to him.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has responded to a clip of Adam, saying that it "can't wait" for him to join the team.

NASA continued: "There’s space for everybody at NASA, and we can’t wait for him to one day join our team of dreamers. We’ll be here when he’s ready."

And it didn't stop there.


Former commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield had already said that the two should talk together, while NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough said that he was "inspired" by Adam, and that he hopes to meet soon.


Houston, we certainly do not have a problem with any of this.

2020 may well be turning things around right at the end.