NPHET recommends antigen tests be taken twice weekly by frequent nightclubbers 2 months ago

NPHET recommends antigen tests be taken twice weekly by frequent nightclubbers

The testing is reportedly also recommended to people who regularly go to bars and restaurants.

NPHET has recommended that people who regularly engage in high-risk activities - such as going to nightclubs, bars and restaurants - take antigen tests twice a week, according to reports.


The news comes as the National Public Health Emergency Team met on Thursday, after a recent rise in Covid-19 figures in Ireland.

Recently, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly called on members of the public not to go to nightclubs "three times a week".

According to reports following the Thursday meeting, the recommendation of self-testing twice weekly for those taking part in higher-risk activities involving multi-household indoor events came in a letter sent by NPHET to the Government.

It is also understood that the State's public health team has recommended extending the use of Covid passes to other areas outside of hospitality, though did not specify where the certs could be used.

Earlier on Friday, Taoiseach Micheál Martin confirmed he received a letter from NPHET.

"The main import of NPHET's advice is on all of us to restrict socialisation, to monitor our behaviour, very strong piece on mask-wearing - particularly at outdoor sporting events," he said.

"That masks would now be worn in large crowds and in congregated settings."


Meanwhile, it was also reported on Thursday evening that NPHET made a recommendation to the Government that people work from home wherever possible.

Cabinet is set to consider the recommendations at a meeting on Tuesday, though the Cabinet Covid Committee could be meeting sooner on Monday to discuss any potential changes.

Earlier in the week, NPHET said during a briefing it was not currently considering recommending another lockdown despite the high level of Covid circulation, due to Ireland's "very high" levels of vaccination.

On Thursday, meanwhile, the Taoiseach said he did not anticipate lockdowns being re-introduced over the Christmas period.