Met Éireann warns of "potential hazards" as weather set to change this week 1 month ago

Met Éireann warns of "potential hazards" as weather set to change this week

It's grim out there, folks.

It's not the worst but it's certainly not the best.


Grey skies, fog, and not a bit of sunlight to be seen - it truly is a dreary October and we're not even halfway through the month yet.

And in fairness, we were warned. On Tuesday, Met Éireann issued a Status Yellow weather warning pertaining to mist and fog so it's not surprise that Wednesday is as grim as it is.

But unfortunately, it looks like the weather is not set to get any better as Met Éireann has predicted some "potential hazards" to be caused by the weather over the coming days and weeks.

The forecaster says that there will likely be "an unsettled Atlantic regime bringing above-average precipitation for the country" over the next few days.

"Indications are for temperatures to be above average, likely weighted by higher temperatures at the start of the week. In this setup, wind and rainfall are potential hazards."

The rest of this week is expected to be foggy and dark, with the truly poor weather making an appearance this weekend, when it's expected to be "mostly cloudy with patchy light rain or drizzle at times in the morning" on Saturday.

"Prolonged spells of moderate to heavy rainfall will however develop in the west during the afternoon," they said.


"Highest temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees as light southerly winds increase moderate by afternoon, and freshening along Atlantic coasts."

We're well and truly in the thick of it now, folks.