Pieta House issue warning regarding scam in Galway 1 year ago

Pieta House issue warning regarding scam in Galway

Don't get caught out.

Pieta House has issued a warning regarding a scam involving fake sponsorship cards that is doing the rounds in Galway.


Not a whole lot of information about the scam has been released, but the mental health service has warned that they have received a number of calls regarding scammers using fake sponsorship cards over the past few days.

A statement issued by Pieta House has urged people to be on their toes, and not to be caught out by the scam.

The statement reads: "Important! We've received reports of bogus collections in the Galway area using fake sponsor cards.

"If fundraising for Pieta House you must get written permission & carry the letter whilst fundraising. Please request sight of this letter if you suspect collections to be fraudulent."