President Biden pledges support for Good Friday Agreement ahead of Taoiseach meeting 6 months ago

President Biden pledges support for Good Friday Agreement ahead of Taoiseach meeting

The Taoiseach thanked the President for his "unwavering support".

President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his support for the Good Friday Agreement ahead of his virtual meeting on St Patrick's Day with Taoiseach Micheál Martin.


The pair will be speaking privately as part of a bilateral meeting later today but shared comments publicly beforehand.

Topics expected to be discussed at the bilateral meeting include the fight against Covid-19, increasing vaccine supply for both Ireland and the US and the Good Friday Agreement.

President Biden says he "strongly supports" the Good Friday Agreement, stating that it is "critically important" it be maintained.

He added: "The political economic stability of Northern Ireland is very much the interest of all our people."

After being presented with a bowl of shamrocks in the oval office - a tradition Biden noted that “goes all the way back to Harry Truman” - the President said he was looking forward to his conversation with the Taoiseach.

He said: "It's a great opportunity for you and I to get to talk a little bit."

In response to the President's comments, the Taoiseach said: "The bowl of shamrocks in front of you is a symbol of the undying friendship between our two countries.


"I look forward to exploring how we can defeat the Covid-19 virus, working together urgently to increase the supply of vaccine for our own people and for people around the world.

"We should share notes on our plans for recovery, gaining back the ground lost to the pandemic."

He added: "I especially want to thank you for your unwavering support for the Good Friday Agreement.

"It has meant a lot and it has mattered, including as we negotiated Brexit."

Later today, the White House will be lit up green which President Biden said is "to celebrate the deep deep affection that we Americans - particularly Irish Americans - have for Ireland and the people of Ireland."