Revolut issues warning to customers over scam 4 years ago

Revolut issues warning to customers over scam

Don't get caught out.

Financial technology company Revolut has warned users to be wary of fraudsters contacting people pretending to be working on their behalf.


They issued a warning about criminals pretending to be Revolut staff, who are attempting to harvest personal account details of customers.

A statement issued by the company said that their "six-million strong Revolut community is quick to identify the fraudsters", and that they are being taken down "faster than ever".

The scam has been described as a "phishing" type, which refers to an attempt by criminals to steal your PINs and passwords through lies, deception, and manipulation.

They might pose as Revolut employees, third-party agents, or even chatbots.


The company have listed a few tips to try and help combat the scam:

  • No Revolut employee will ever ask for your PIN or password, under any circumstances
  • The only place we offer account support is our official in-app chat
  • Anyone posing as a Revolut support agent (or third-party partner agent) on social media or anywhere else, is a scammer, and should be reported immediately
  • We will never offer Premium or Metal trials on social media in exchange for personal information
  • No phone signal? Calls and texts stopped? Consider contacting your provider to make sure you haven’t been targeted by SIM swap scammers

More information can be found on the Revolut website here.