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14th Jul 2018

Passengers given medical attention after Ryanair flight from Dublin is forced to make emergency landing

Dave Hanratty

Ryanair hand luggage

The airline has “sincerely apologised” for any inconvenience.

A Ryanair flight travelling from Dublin to Croatia was forced to make an emergency landing in Frankfurt, with passengers receiving medical attention as a result.

German news website Spiegel Online reports that as many as 33 people were taken to hospital, complaining of headache, earache and nausea.

The plane was travelling on Friday 13 July to the Croatian coastal town of Zadar when pressure dropped in the cabin, resulting in the deployment of oxygen masks.

Some passengers were reportedly bleeding from their ears.

The flight subsequently diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, where paramedics and emergency physicians tended to passengers upon landing.

A statement issued by a Ryanair spokesperson on Saturday reads:

“This flight from Dublin to Zadar diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn due to an inflight depressurisation.

“In line with standard procedure, the crew deployed oxygen masks and initiated a controlled descent.

“The aircraft landed normally and customers disembarked, where a small number received medical attention as a precaution.”

Passengers are expected to board a replacement aircraft to Zadar on Saturday morning, having received refreshment vouchers and hotel accommodation.

However, a shortage of available accommodation was also reported.

“Ryanair sincerely apologised for any inconvenience,” added the spokesperson.

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