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01st Jun 2018

Severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall warnings have been issued for several counties

Rory Cashin


The weather warning has been upgraded for specific parts of the country.

More bad news.

While the news of  hottest counties in the country this week isn’t necessarily going to be staying in the past, looking forward, things aren’t super bright in the immediate future.

As well as giving us the bad news that there will potentially be some spot flooding due to sudden and heavy rainfall before the weekend, as well as the risk that there will be the perfect conditions of potato blight to set in (yep, you read that right), here’s the cherry on top, as per Met Éireann:


Thunder Warning for Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo.

Localised severe thunderstorm activity in these areas over the next few hours. Torrential downpours and lightning strikes.

The new weather warning status was issued on Friday afternoon, and will remain in effect until 5pm on Friday evening.